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    Stories of growing up in the 50s and 60s in small town Ohio when young people were trying to keep up with the music and social changes happening at jet plane speeds. One foot in our parents music and values and the other in Elvis, The Beatles and Dylan's,  we found our futures the old fashioned way; the hard way....  

     A  techno-thriller, murder, love story set in San Diego, California and  its back-country that carries the reader along in Alice's escape from  hi-tech  cryptographic labor forced on her by kidnapper/murderers to her  ultimate justice----or is it revenge----in Hong Kong, China. 

     ​​A  cross country journey searching for a love lost in the turbulence and  restlessness of the 60s when goin'-to-California was where it was  at----for everyone else. Discoveries along the highways, to the beat and   lyrics of Dylan's best early music take the reader on a  fantasy-journey through time to an unexpected fate.

    Jim and Penny take the ride of their lives tracing the Easy Rider route but unknowingly being tracked by a vicious drug gang. Available on Kindle now and in print  5/18/2018